Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Some quick links to interesting posts

Everything below contains links to open source code and fast downloads of  runnable .jars (java required) Enjoy =]

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My Website - Where all of my past and future projects will be published.

All RGB image creator - My most recent project, uses a hill climber algorithm in order to produce an image that uses 1 of every RGB colour that a screen can make. Load up your own image and it will attempt to recreate it with every colour! 2014/04/18

Traveling Salesman - An attempt at an algorithm that evolves the shortest route between a number of points (I seem to like evolutionary algorithms), points can be moved and the program will respond in real time. 2014/02/21

Evolving Plant Simulation - My most worked on project to date, with three iterations it aims to simulate the evolution of "plants" competing for space and light. User interaction with the environment allows for experimentation and the gene builder allows the customisation and creation of Genes. 2014/03/04

Brain like Neural Network - An ongoing project which attempts to evolve a non-linear neural network within the confines of a simulated world, needs a lot of work but should produce some interesting results. 2012/11/27

Pong - A simple pong game, 3 levels of AI, play against a friend or pit AI against AI, the source is of course available. 2012/27/09

Hex Nations - This project appears to have been lost under the pile of half finished simulations, I wish I had enough time to work on everything and more but I'm sure to come back to this simple real time strategy game at some point. All open source but as yet no AI or multiplayer capabilities. Open source and contributions are always more than welcome. 2014/03/04

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