Sunday, 6 May 2012

Evolving Plants Simulation re-vamp AND a spin-off!

More information and help can be found on the projects web page.

I have been doing bits and bobs on the Evolving Plants simulation, here and there, and have added simple "graphs" so you can more easily tack how natural selection is progressing, I have also made a new simulation, heavily based on the first, except in this new one, if there is a suitable relation nearby it acts as a second parent, any seeds are actually descended from both plants... I have added sex! and with it a definition of a species. This allows for gene flow between individuals, which didn't happen before, and you can see speciation happen right in front of your eyes!


My github (where source for both can be found):

Evolving Plants (Origional): Evolving Plants.jar

Evolving Plants (With Species and sex!)): Evolving Plants.jar