Monday, 9 April 2012

Evolving Plants, completed and now with a git-hub!

More information and help can be found on the projects web page.

Download the github source code, this will be the most up to date version of the main git-hub.

Or download the runnable Evolving Plants.jar to have a play with the simulation.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Evolving plants simulation

More information and help can be found on the projects web page.

(UPDATE: After a lot of work on the Evolving Plants 2.0 I have decided that the more complex DNA leads to less interesting simulations. While the complexity a plant can achieve is greater, it leads to much more stochastic evolution (i.e. nothing happens for a long time and then there is a leap which takes over very quickly leading to another long boring period where not much changes) so I am looking at updating the older simulations so they can achieve much better framerates)

I got bored today so I knocked up a simulation for plants which grow and seed, they reproduce a-sexually or sexually depending on the simulation you download. The plants "genes" can mutate when the seed is created, it is fully open source so you can play around with it to your own content! (I'm sorry for the lack of comments in the code)
here are a few snapshots of the original version, 2.0 is in the making and will be far more user friendly and interesting, a usable version is already available but many more features are still planned.

                                          Evolving Plants 1.0
Evolving Plants 2.0
The latest progress on the new simulation
Picture: version 0.2 taken  26/03/2013

Here are direct downloads for the source code and a working jar.

Evolving Plants 2.0 download - If you have trouble running the simulation check the github for help =]
Planned features:
-Customisable, placable light filters [DONE]
-gene/plant editor [DONE]
-save/load genes [DONE]
-save/load simulation settings [DONE]
-variable seed colours [DONE]
-balance coloured light photosynthesis to encourage niche light spectrum colours [DONE]
-add help/explanation screen/screens
-view stats on individual plants
-sexual reproduction of plants [in progress]
-optimise view-light option [DONE]

Evolving Plants Github page (Source here for all three simulations)

(Older simulations - Different mechanics, interesting but lower framerates)
(Evolving Plants Simulation (A-Sexual reproduction) download)
(Evolving Plants Simulation (Sexual Reproduction) download)